Fuji W3 3D Anaglyph Photography

Interocular Separation refers to the spatial distance between the Left Eye and the Right eye, or the corresponding distance between the dual camera lens set ups that define the 3D Depth in stereoscopic photography. Interocular Gallery provides 3D photographic services for High Definition Stereo Imagery and Free 3D Photo Downloads. Print Large Format 3D Anaglyph Photos with sharp and clear results. Photography and other 3D Rendered imagery on this site is achieved with the use of the FUJI W3 Camera for the most part, with some High Resolution Digital camera stereo shots taken with various makes and models on a Spirit Leveled Steady tripod and the Bogen Manfrotto slide mount for interocular separation. Use of the Bogen Manfrotto slide mount is for still life, landscapes, and architecture shots where there is no organic or natural movement in the subject, as moving the camera to achieve the Left eye, Right Eye Frames, is a slightly time consuming process, where every second counts in living subjects to get a sharp 3D Image. For 3D Rendering the photographic backdrops are used from the Fuji W3 3D Camera, with 3D Models in Max or 3DS Format placed in front of the backdrop to create life-like 3D imagery of fantastic Creatures and Craft with very realistic scene immersion from the genuine photographic backgrounds, Aircraft, Space Ships, and Dinosaurs come to life with this method, and it's loads of fun to do. The 3D Studio Max Revision 3 and revision 7 are used for the Rendering Imagery. Convert MPO 3D Files into Separate Left and Right Jpg Images to Create 3D Anaglyph Poster Prints in Sharp Colorful Large Format Glossy 3D

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Large Format High Resolution 3D Stereoscopic Anaglyph Photography with the Fuji W3 Dual Lens Digital 10 Megapixel Camera, many of these images are deliberately washed out, or color faded, to enhance the 3D Depth of the Image. While Color 3D Anaglyph Photography has come a long way, and can be viewed in crisp, sharp, vivid, color, the option to drop the interference from Red and Blue tones in the image, is a personal choice by many Stereoscopic Photographers. Sepia Tones, and Black and White Atmospheric images converted to 3D Anaglyphs, capture an atmospheric overtone to these kinds of images, while creating an even deeper sense of the 3D Illusion. These Images are available as 32 x 20 inch Photo Prints on Glossy with Two pair of ProView 3D Anaglyph Hard Framed Glasses included in each order. Some 48 x 30 inch Photographic Prints are made available when the subject matter defines a scene well, without any pixelation or artifacts from the Anaglyph compilation. Size and Image I.D. for printing orders are embedded in the Thumbnail displays on the Gallery Pages, Wallpaper sized Downloads are Text Free and Watermark Free, Full Size 32 x 20 inch and 48 x 30 inch Photographic 3D Anaglyph Prints are Sharp, Detailed, Pictures of a Quality suitable for Art gallery display, and Interocular Galleries is certain of your complete satisfaction with your Anaglyphs. All 3D Anaglyph Photographs are 32 x 20 inch unless stated with a 48i or 20 x 16i Icon in the Thumbnail Display.

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Mountain Scene in 3D..

Scenic Lookout 3D Anaglyph Photograph using the Fuji 9 megapixel camera mounted on a Bogen Manfrotto Slider with a remote shutter release cable for added stability of the shot. A Little movement from the wind blowing through the valley, shaking tree branches can ruin a shot like this, so the Fuji Real 3D W3 is the perfect alternative to get that perfect shot. The Cropped resolution of this shot was 3000 x 1875 pixels...

Fuji 9 Mp Camera - BM Slider - Tripod - Shutter Cable

Nature Scene 3D Anaglyph Waterfall over cliff in Lamington national Park Qld
3D Anaglyph CGI Skyhawk Jet squadron flying through 3D Grand Canyon

3D Software Generated Anaglyph Imagery.

This 3D Anaglyph scene is completely CGI with the Aircraft and Pilots being High Detail 3D Models in a 3D Studio Max environment using a left and right eye view backdrop created in Terragen 8.44 a great and Natural looking landscape creation software thats perfect for creating large format, realistic , stereoscopic backdrops that can be used in rendering software to generate a truly realistic 3D anaglyph Scene that could pass for a genuine photograph.

3D Studio Max Software - 3D Models

Fuji Real 3D W3 Anaglyph...

The Height of 3D Excellence in todays cameras, making it possible to create genuine 3D art in Photography, instead of just an interesting novelty. Browse through the great 3D photographs displayed on the Interocular gallery pages, download wallpaper size Photo images Free or order delivery of a Large Format Photo Glossy 3D print 32x20 inch with two pair of ProView 3D anaglyph glasses Free with each order...

Fuji FinePix Real 3D W3 Dual Lens Digital Camera

Australian Native Cute Wildlife Koala in 3D Anaglyph Daisy Hill reserve
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